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We are proud to present the 2020 Just Plain Folks Music Award Winners!

4,203 international judges

71,700 album entries

230,000+ song entries

multi-genre mix of music categories

63 song categories

75 album categories

And the winners are...

(list coming soon)

To hear them online:

JPFNominations2020 logo.png

A Capella Performance Winners

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
1st Off The Wall Rod Temperton Duwende Remember: The music of Michael Video
2nd Do You Hear What I Hear Noel Regney, Gloria Shayne Baker Eclipse 6 It's Christmas Time
3rd Grace J. C. Crowley Tonic Sol Fa Something Beautiful
4th Virginia Shaun Johnson, Greg Bannwarth Tonic Sol Fa Something For The Rest Of Us
5th Low Rider Cover Andy Offutt Irwin Lip Service
6th Tumba Yiddish Folk Song Vocolot Vocolot At 25


African Song Winners

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
1st Remember the Elephant Cherry, Roche, Conde Afro-Jersey Afro-Jersey
2nd Africa Calling (World Beat Mix) Andrew Littlewood TNA Groove Tribal Groove 2
3rd Otupam Moreira Chonguica Moreira Chonguica MP Reloaded
4th Presence Mark Stone Mark Stone Kakaire
5th Bobo L. Graves Drumhand Contretemps
6th Twenty-Four Seven L. Graves Drumhand Contretemps

Alternative Song Winners

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
1st Drumsticks Yacoub, Pazot, Vallee, Giana Too Wise The Hunt
2nd Clearer (Shades of Red Mix) Collide (Remixed by Alyssa Finnivan) Collide Bent
3rd God Is Ken Eros, April Theriault Green Man When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish
4th American Mayhem Jody Whitesides Jody Whitesides Progression
5th Over Fawn Fawn Idiosyncratic
6th Two Words Robin Brock, John Capek Robin Brock Monsters
HM Stiletto Hannah O'Reilly Hannah O'Reilly The Singles

Ambient Song Winners

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
Tie 1st Aqua Marine Gunnar Spardel (adlibs by Amethyste) tigerforest The Tides Of Day And Night
Tie 1st Earth Drift Thomas Jager Lowpaz Another Life
3rd Sleeping With The Machines Santus Gore Santus Gore Sleeping With The Machines
4th Hypogeum Darlene Koldenhoven Darlene Koldenhoven Tranquil Times
5th Behind The Sun Thomas Jager Lowpaz Another Life
6th Nikki's Dream Jeff Oster Jeff Oster Surrender
HM 53 Mirrors Jeff Oster & Bryan Carrigan Jeff Oster Surrender

Americana Song Winners

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
1st Five Minutes Gretchen Peters Gretchen Peters Hello Cruel World
2nd Red Dress Aubrey Zoli, Matt Hart The Local Strangers Take What You Can Carry
3rd Short On Words Terence Martin, Dennis Hrbek Terence Martin The Last Black And White TV
4th Woman On the Wheel Gretchen Peters Gretchen Peters Hello Cruel World
5th The Caxambas Kid Larry Schroeck Larry Schroeck No Complain
6th The Lake Tim Grimm Tim Grimm The Turning Point

Asian Song Winners

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
1st Dream Gor Mkhitarian Gor Mkhitarian United Ahead: Exit Ahead
2nd Sun and Wave (feat. Steph Pockets) Keiichi Suzuki Sooners Sample Songs
3rd Nabi Mor Paroshmoni Chandrani Krosswindz Phire Dekha/Bengali Songs
4th Pyg-meje Tomas Reindl Tomas Reindl Global Village Party
5th Mahadeva Zublee Baruah, Manash Mahanta Zublee Baruah MAATI -The Folk Factor
6th Pran Krishno O Chandrani Krosswindz Phire Dekha/Bengali Songs
HM Lam La Che (On the Road) Tashi D. Sharzur/Tsering Woeser Techung Tibet – Lam La Che: On The Road

Bluegrass Song Winners

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
1st The Hard Years John Cadley John Cadley The Hard Years
2nd Hurry Up and Harvest Trisha Gagnon John Reischman and the Jaybirds Vintage & Unique
3rd No Matter How Hard I Try Jonas Kjellgren, Mikael Grund Downhill Bluegrass Band Wonderland
4th The Big Burnsville Jail Raybon, Case, Bonagura Marty Raybon & Full Circle The Back Forty
5th That's Kentucky Tom T. Hall, Troy Engle and Dixie Hall Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road
6th I'm Crazy Over You Matthew McCarty, T. Jae Christian Lacy Jay Syler Wide Open
HM Hummingbird Trisha Gagnon Trisha Gagnon A Story About You And Me

Blues Song Winners

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
1st These Blues John “Sevilla” Almaguer, Tom Clawson Buck '69 No Medicine Like The Blues
2nd Ol'Gunslinger Fair, Perreault, Sonderman, Moorman The Sonny Moorman Group Lucky 13
3rd I Don't Have to Understand You John Burgard Tanita Gaines Another City Blues
4th Catfish Swimmin' Mark Cook, Dale Stevens Mark Cook Styles
5th Hips and Lips Blues TJ Sullivan TJ Sullivan That's What I'm Talking About
6th I Wanna Big Legged Woman Alex Jenkins Alex Jenkins & The Bombers Voodoo You
HM Good Explanation Bobby BlackHat Walters, Larry Berwald Bobby Blackhat Waiters Hot Blues Mess

Cabaret Song Winners

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
1st Bittersweet Maxim Illion, Lene Riebau Club Des Belugas Fishing for Zebras
2nd More Joy Jon Fuller Jon Fuller Skipping Away From Disonance
3rd Nobody Loves You Jennie DeVoe/Paul Holdman Jennie DeVoe Strange Sunshine
4th Devil in the Middle w/Dave Alvin J. Hadley/A. McCue/D. Olney Anne McCue Blue Sky Thinkin'
5th Lakewood Rebecca Zapen Rebecca Zapen Nest
6th Yellow Bird Halie Loren Halie Loren Butterfly Blue
HM Rockstar in a Grocery Store Kaz Fujimoto Kagero Gumbo du Jour

Cajun Song Winners

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
1st Move Around Pete Grimaldi The BluesBox Bayou Band Family Bayou
2nd Badger Blood Dwayne Brooke The Woodsheddars O Dig
3rd Those Lands Patrick Sylvest Patrick Sylvest Sylvestrings
4th Jambalaya Got Fire Corey Henry Jambalaya Brass Band It's A Jungle Out There
5th Habit Forming Jay Corey The Crawdaddies Live From The Road
6th Aye Lassie (Oui Ma Cherie) Maggie Martin Mad Maggies Shake Those Bones
HM Party Down in Hell Digney Fignus Digney Fignus Talk Of The Town

Cont. Christian & Spiritual

Songwriters  • Artist Name  • From The Album
1st Geodes Carrie Newcomer Carrie Newcomer The Slender Thread Video
2nd She Danced T. Edwards/S. Kealy Tammy Edwards Mistletoe and Magic
3rd The Bethlehem Bell Ringer Carl Cleeves Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas Out of Australia
4th Not Afraid Nathan & Jenna Strong After The Chase You Are My Child
5th I give you praise Jim Vilandre Jim Vilandre Sonica Acoustica
T6th Help Me Help Myself J. Eastman/ W. Eastman Wake Eastman Born Again Sinner
T6th The Bottle or the Bible Sissel, Kuhl Jill Sissel Haunted Highway

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