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Founded in 1985, Just Plain Folks (JPF) is the largest grassroots music organization in the world. With over 50,000 members in over 160 countries worldwide, our membership represents recording artists, songwriters and music industry professionals of all levels from those just starting out to winners of every major music award and all hall of fames for music around the world.

JPF is a free volunteer music networking organization offering educational support and information, networking and promotional opportunities, live performance events and musical tours, the world's largest music awards (which are free to enter) which includes over different 100 genres of music, local chapters for face to face networking which anyone may volunteer to start with at least 10 interested local members in your town, an email newsletter and one of the busiest online networking message boards which hosts a large lyricist community and offers free peer and industry feedback on full songs linked or lyrics posted there and which has over 100 separate topic boards as well as geographical boards to meet others in your own areas.


Just Plain Folks uses all types of networking, face to face, online, via Skype and Facebook and at conferences, seminars and events around the world to bring together the grassroots music communities of all genres and levels of experience. We believe that people are much more similar than different regardless of success or style, demographic group or race, religion or nationality. Musicians have everything to gain by sharing knowledge and ideas, especially in the current brave new world of digital music, online networking and more quality music being made and released each year than ever before in human history.


Just Plain Folks has its own Music Awards which saw 42K albums and 560K songs entered into 100 genres of music from artists and writers in over 160 countries worldwide. Entry is free. This is a bi-annnual event with the next one taking place & accepting entries now for 2013/2014. JPF Members have won Grammy's, Oscars, Tony's, Clio's, Emmy's and nearly every other large and small award for music given out in the industry.


JPF sells Hats and T-Shirts to help raise funds for various tours. Membership is free and the staff is made up of volunteers.

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